Invisible Machine Applique´Made Easy!

I'm currently working on an applique´project for an upcoming class and thought I'd share a couple of my favorite techniques with you today. If you love the look of applique´, but don't have the time to spend on handwork, try using your machine! (See my video below.) With these tips, you can achieve a hand-sewn look in a fraction of the time.

Machine Applique´


My very favorite thread for machine applique´ is Superior Thread's Monopoly thread. This is a very fine, clear polyester thread that I find to be trouble free on any sewing machine. In fact, I use it on both my long arm machine and my conventional machines. It's worlds away from the old nylon clear thread that we used in the past. This thread is soft , won't melt when ironed or harm the cotton fibers in your project.

Using the Echo Machine Quilting Foot For Applique´

I have found the best presser foot for stitching applique´ to be the Echo Quilting Foot. That's right, it's usually used as a free motion foot, but it is designed to work with the feed dogs in the up position, too! Several things make this the best foot for the job. First of all, it's clear: you can see the fabric's edge underneath, making it easier to place your stitches right where you want them. Second, there are registration marks of all kinds on the foot, making it easy to keep your fabric where you want it! And last, but not least, this large foot is slightly cup shaped so that it can easily glide over the edges of your applique´without accidentally flipping a delicate edge over. This foot is included with many Baby Lock machines, and is available for all models. Check your machine brand to see if there is a comparable one available for your machine.

Watch the foot in action! I raised the foot once or twice so that you could better see the way the registration marks and the shape help. Click on the image to watch.

Here's a sneak peek at my project! I'll share the completed project in another blog post.

Invisible Machine Applique´

Thanks for visiting! Happy sewing and God bless! Maxie