Dresden Plate Delight

I'm scheduled to teach the Dresden Plate Quilt in a series of classes this summer for Southwestern Community College in Sylva, NC. While in Minneapolis for Quilt Market last week, I perused for a few moments with this old fashioned quilt in mind. Guess what? It seems that the Dresden Plate has become the latest craze, in both traditional and modern flavors! Within about five minutes I had all these pictures, and more!

Dresden Plate Quilts

Three of the quilts pictured above were from various fabric companies, and the fourth, in the lower right corner, is from Suzn Quilts Designs, made in Edyta Sitar's fabrics.

Dresden Plate Quilts by May Chapell and Susan Cleveland

I love Lee Monroe's new visions of the Dresden, shown in the first two photos, above.  (Don't you love the quilting in the first photo? That's the artful work of The Backporch Quilters!) I may use her Georgia's Dresden Quilt pattern in the class I'm teaching for the college because it is traditional with great options for color use. Another find at Market was the Dresden pattern collection from Susan Clevleand. She has a very unique way of finishing both the inside and the outside points of her Dresden Plates. I did order all three of these patterns for the shop, as well as the Prairie Point Turner, which Susan developed and uses to make her crisp sharp pointed plates! Look for those products at A Stitch in Time soon.

I've always love the Dresden Plate. Sentimentalities is nothing more than one large Dresden! You can view my video here to see how easily this quilt is consructed, and you can order kits here, with a choice of two colorways!

Sentimentalities Dresden Plate Quilt

Thanks for visiting with me today! Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie