Sew Together Bag

I promised myself a long time ago that I'd make myself a Sew Together Bag. This was the most adorable and useful bag I'd seen in a while. Then I stumbled upon Sew Demented's booth at Quilt Market last fall and, once again, was faced with the fact that I hadn't yet kept my promise. So I ordered the patterns and resolved to make it when I returned home.

Patterns arrived, plans made, fabric cut, supplies collected. And bag became a reality!

Sew Together Bag

Isn't it fun? The pattern allows total freedom to design the outside of your bag. (More about that below.) I chose to use several linen fabrics from Moda and one linen from Cotton and Steel (the kitty). I embellished it with Bonnie Christine's ribbon on both sides. And as great as the outside is, have a look inside!

Filled Sew Together Bag

Look how much can fit into this little lovely thing! I had to just stop looking for things to put inside for the picture; I couldn't fill it up! Notice the little pin cushion on one side and the needle keeper on the other. Seven pockets in all!

Empty Sew Together Bag

What would you put inside? Maybe you would leave the pin cushion and needle keeper off and use it for makeup. Here are a few pictures of the bag under construction.

Assembling the pockets for the Sew Together Bag

There are four pocket pieces with zippers sewn between them. Some scraps of Bonnie Christine's fabrics worked well! I don't know how it came together; I just followed the easy steps and suddenly pockets appeared. Smart pattern designer.

Sew Together Bag Components

Pictured above are the inside pocket assembly, the outer bag, and the end pocket sides.

Attaching the pockets in the Sew Together Bag

This is how the pocket assembly looks when ready to attach to the outer bag.

Pretty Sew Together Bag

I'm so glad I didn't break my promise to make this bag! Want to see other versions? Check out this google search of images for the Sew Together Bag! Make a promise to yourself today to make one for yourself! You'll find the pattern on my shopping page.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie