My Stop on the Ribbon Blog Tour with Bonnie Christine and Renaissanse Ribbons

Thank you to all that commented, liked our Facebook page, followed us on Instagram and posted on Pinterest! The winning number was chosen by a random number generator and our winner is Linda C! She will receive fabrics, ribbon and handles required to make our project, courtesy of Maxie and Bonnie Christine!

I’m so very excited to be participating in Bonnie Christine’s and Renaissance Ribbon’s Ribbon Blog Tour! Renaissance Ribbons have long been a favorite of mine, and when Bonnie joined their list of designers it was a match made in heaven! Bonnie’s ribbons were inspired by a love for nature and sunshine. They represent working in the garden, growing flowers and watching the bees, birds and butterflies take flight. Her goal has always been to create patterns that are organic and natural, joyful and lovely, and these are right in line! You can see all Bonnie’s ribbons at Renaissance Ribbons and at A Stitch in Time.

Bonnie Christine and Renaissance Ribbon Blog Tour

Bonnie and I are actually partnering for our tour days. She posted yesterday with a ribbon bestowed wallet, and together we are giving away the pattern, hardware, fabric and ribbon needed to make it! You still have time to enter that giveaway, so be sure to  visit her blog post for details. Today, I am sharing a pattern that Bonnie and I designed together, the Perfect Whatever Bag. We are again partnering for a giveaway for the ribbons and supplies to make this bag as shown!

The Perfect Whatever Bag
Bonnie Christine's RIbbons

This bag measures about 11” x 15” and 3” wide, hence the name of the pattern! The pattern is a free download that you’ll find here on Bonnie's blog. I won’t go into details covered in the pattern, but I do want to share some tips that will help you whip this bag up in an evening!

The Perfect Whatever Bag Pocket

I like to make the pocket first. The lining is longer than the pocket front, so when the pieces are stitched together the lining folds over to the front side to create sort of a trim effect. The bottom is left open for turning, and will be tucked underneath a row of ribbon, as shown below. My favorite point turner gives me crisp, sharp points every time! In the finished bag photo, you'll notice that I also added a piece of ribbon right at the seam line.

Attaching the ribbons to the Perfect Whatever Bag

The next thing to do is to cut the pieces for the front and back of the bag and attach the ribbons. Using clear Monopoly thread to do so makes the finished product look beautiful. Begin stitching the bottom row of ribbon on, 2” from the lower edge.

Pocket Placement on The Perfect Whatever Bag

Stitch all four ribbons in place, but don’t stitch the very top edge in place yet. Place the pocket on the front of the bag, centered (notice the creases that mark my centers?), and tuck the raw edge of the pocket behind that top ribbon.  Stitch the pocket sides in place and then stitch the ribbon edge in place to catch the bottom of the pocket.

Soft and Stable Batting

Soft and Stable Batting is my preferred batting for this bag because it does not need to be quilted, and the bag stands on its own! I simply baste around all four outer edges to hold it in place, and stitch around the pocket and along the lower edge of the bottom ribbon (this will help the bottom of the bag to fold and sit flat). A walking foot is very helpful when sewing layers together, and my Baby Lock Destiny's is the most accurate one I've ever used because it is actually belt driven! Booyah! (definition: Used in order to abruptly express great joy, usually brought on by victory or some other sort of accomplishment. ) May I just take a minute to show you another wondrous feature of this machine? I can't help myself...

Look closely in these three photos. Can you see the red guide beam projected forward, in front of the presser foot? This guide beam is adjustable and can be moved with the touch of a button to help you align your stitches! Photo 1: Straight ahead, in front of the needle. Photo 2: Moved 1/2" from the right of the needle to mark the seam allowance. Photo 3: Placed on the drawn line for boxing the corners. Click on the picture to enlarge it! Double Booyah!

How to box the corners of a bag

Next, sew the lining pieces together and box the bottom corners. The pattern gives instructions, but this picture shows exactly how to line up the ruler to mark the stitching line. Study closely and you’ll see that the 45º line is on one edge, and the depth of the stitching line is 1 1/2” from the point. Mark a line and stitch on the line. Trim away the outer corners. The bag body is boxed in the same manner.

Top edge of The Perfect Whatever Bag

Drop the lining side the bag, right sides together, and stitch around the entire top. Follow directions in the pattern for turning. The top of the outside bag will fold to the inside about 1 3/4” or so. This measurement isn’t crucial, as long as you have it even all the way around. Measure to make sure of that, pin in place and stitch with a walking foot in the ditch of the seam. You're almost done!

Speedy Stitcher Awl

Now to my favorite new tool! I recently discovered the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, which is a hand tool for sewing through leather and other heavy materials. It made attaching the handles a breeze, and I love the way they look! I was able to find a video on youtube showing how to use the Speedy Stitcher, and I ordered mine from Amazon. It’s staying!

Handles sewn onto The Perfect Whatever Bag

Wouldn’t you love to win all the supplies to make this bag? Here are the details to win:

Deadline: Giveaway will end Monday, April 6th at 12am, EST. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on this post shortly after.

To enter: comment here sharing with us who you’d make this bag for (Yourself? A friend?).

Additional ways to enter:

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Visit Bonnie’s blog post from yesterday, and Jayme Christensen of Finding Sweetland  tomorrow! Follow with the blog tour here.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie