Half Square Triangles the Easy, Accurate Way!

I need to make a lot of half square triangles. In a hurry. I'm working on a new video project that requires 88 of the little things, and I don't want to make them two at a time; I want to mass produce them. (The last quilt I made had 360 of them!) Triangulations to the rescue!

Triangulations for making half square triangles.

I found  Brenda Henning's Triangulations a few years ago, and have tried several other types of triangle papers, and these are by far my very favorite. Why? Let me count the ways:

  1. Because this is a CD with a pdf file of triangle papers in every size imaginable in 1/16" increments! Sizes range from 1/2" to 7 1/2". A pdf file means that you just open it and print it. There is no software program to figure out; simply scroll to the size you're looking for and click print! Hint: make sure 'actual size' or 'no scale' is chosen in your printer dialogue box.
  2. They are accurate! Every time! There's no way to miss this.
  3. The CD includes four quilt patterns...worth the $27.95 price alone.
  4. Another bonus: there are flying geese papers and quarter square triangle papers, too!
  5. You use regular computer printer paper; no need to purchase special paper piecing paper.
  6. You own the CD and can print as many papers as you need for life!
How to layer Triangulations and fabric.

So, here is a Triangulation paper for 3" finished triangles. I will make 8 units from this one sheet! Simply layer your two fabrics right side together and place the paper on top. Pin in place. Stitch on the dotted lines. In most cases you can continuously stitch around the grid.

Cutting the Triangulations apart.

After stitching, cut on the solid lines. I usually use a rotary cutter and ruler for this. Even the little 'dog ears' have solid lines so that you can cut them away. At this point, remove the papers easily by pinching the seam allowance at the center point and, with your other hand, swiftly popping the large triangle away in one quick tug.

Finished half square triangles.

It took about 5 minutes to make these 8 half-square triangle units, measuring a perfect 3 1/2". Notice the 'dog ears' are trimmed away, and the diagonal seam travels perfectly from corner to corner (a very important thing). 8 down, 81 to go! Yes, you will find Triangulations on my shopping page.

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