Soap and Sewing

What do soap and sewing have in common? Actually, the two go hand in hand! Let me get on that soapbox for a minute to shout the accolades of a wonderful little cleansing bar! Never before have I thought I could be so in love with soap until one of my quilt guild buddies mentioned it at a meeting recently. After her ovation I just knew I had to give it a try. This little bar is hand made by one of our guild members, Jeannie McDougall, right here in my home town. I asked Jeannie about her soap and she graciously gave me a bar to try. In less than 60 seconds I was a believer! My hands, like all sewists, quilters and fabric handlers, are chronically dry because fabric just draws all the moisture right out! I get so tired of having dry skin, and using hand cream isn't a great solution for me because I don't want to get the cream on the fabric.  This little, unscented bar of soap fixed my dry skin. Period! You can get your hands on some here!

Jeannie's Soap
Jeannie McDougals Soap
Jeannie's home made soap.

With the simplest of ingredients, Jeannie has developed this soap to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It lathers like crazy, and I find myself washing instead of applying lotion! But don't just use it for your hands...when Jeannie told me that she shampoos her hair with it, I was skeptical at first, because I've been attached to my shampoo & conditioner for a long time. I finally did give it a try as shampoo. Double believer. No cream rinse necessary. Want to give it a try? Click here!

Wooden soap dish not included.

Wooden soap dish not included.

A round of hand-clapping for this hand-softening marvel!

Thanks for visiting! Happy sewing with soft hands and God bless! Maxie