Applying Color Wheel Logistics to Quilting

You've seen those Color Wheels hanging on the notions wall in your quilt shop. You may even own one...but do you know how to use it? Recently, at my quilt shop, we had the colorful Lee Monroe of May Chappell visit to teach a Color Study Workshop. The students learned all about color theories and how to apply the lessons learned. The result was more confidence when choosing fabrics, and more beautiful results in their projects!

The colors on the color wheel are identically aligned to the order of colors in the spectrum of light. God designed, color rules apply even to our quilting! Let me point you to a great article at that easily explains how the color wheel can help us. There is even a link in the article for a Craftsy Class by Joen Wolfrom, Color Play for Quilters.

Did you know you can make your own color wheel? Here is my version (thanks to my friendly Sherwin Williams store)!

Make your own color wheel!

Thanks for visiting! Have a colorful, blessed day! Maxie