Prairie Points Revisited

Want an alternative to adding binding to your quilt? How about Prairie Points? Wait...don't touch that dial! They are really easy to do with a continuous method! I have a quick video tutorial, below, that will show you start to finish. And look how beautifully they finish your quilt:

Prairie Points on the edge of a quilt.
Prairie Points on a Quilt
Prairie Points finish the edge of a quilt.


I made this video about 3 years ago, so the quality is of my own doing! Having said that, it still gets the job done and will show you how to easily and quickly make continuous prairie points for a beautiful change from binding! There is a special (expensive) ruler out there for this technique, but if you follow my directions you won't need it! (Note: I no longer offer the kits mentioned in the video.) Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting! Happy sewing and God bless! Maxie