Beautify Your Ironing Board

Ironing boards are akin to household appliances. Necessities, and sometimes unsightly.  Why not make them into a lovely accent piece for your sewing or laundry room? Let the room be more beautiful just by its presence! A new ironing board cover may be in order!

How to make an ironing board cover.

They are so easy to make...this one took me about 20 minutes to sew! I've made instructions for you in the form of a .pdf file so that you may print it and keep for your reference! Just click the photo below to download the file.

One more thing. My daughter, Becky, gave me a tin of vintage sewing items for Mother's Day. Inside the tin was, among other things, a vintage fabric sprinkler. These sprinklers, fitted with a cork, were placed in the top of a soda bottle filled with water. It brought back memories of my Mother ironing; she sprinkled the clothes, rolled them up and placed them in the refrigerator until she could iron them. This allowed the dampness to evenly distribute throughout the fabric, and kept it from drying out. When she removed them from the fridge and ironed them, they were so crisp and perfect. If you don't remember them, ask your mother or grandmother if she does! Please leave me a comment below about your fabric sprinkler memories!

Vintage Fabric Sprinkler
Vintage Bottle Fabric Sprinkler

Did you know that fabric sprinklers are still available to purchase? They sure'll find them over at Lehman's website.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie