The Feathery Bookmobile

This idea didn't originate with me, but it surely resonated with me! When I first saw these beautiful, drapey book-mobiles in a storefront window display,  I immediately saw the resemblance to quilted feathers and knew that I'd love to re-create the look in my quilt shop window. When one of my employees challenged the whole staff to create their own special store display, I knew exactly what mine would be!

A Book Mobile

The first task would be to find the books...books that I wouldn't feel guilty to 'artistically rearrange'. My husband has a fairly big wall in his antique shop filled with old books. I thumbed through them one by one, choosing books that had outlived their usefulness in the literary world. I found three. Game on!

The mobile was very easy to make, and in just a few minutes I had flowing plumes that resembled the quilted feathers I so love! I found a great tutorial by The Pleated Poppy here. I think they would look great in a library or in a child's room, too! My daughter, Bonnie, and I took the idea to Spring Quilt Market, using her upcoming Succulence fabrics in place of the paper pages from the book!

Succulance Fabrics by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery at Quilt Market.

Sort of brings a new meaning to the bookmobile, right?

Thanks for visiting! Happy Sewing and God bless, Maxie