The Alation Quilt Video

Hello! Today I'm writing about another quilt that my daughter, Bonnie Christine, and I designed. This quilt was another brainchild of Bonnie's. Now, I have to tell you how Bonnie and I usually work together when we're designing quilts, or any sewing project, for that matter. First, Bonnie says, "Mom, here's what I have in mind for this fabric!". I respond, "Bonnie, I don't think that's even possible!" Then, with both of us determined to prevail for quilters everywhere, we triumph. Ok, maybe it's not all that glorious, but it sure feels good to work together and see a project come to fruition! Such was the case with Alation, a beautiful butterfly quilt designed for her fabrics, Winged, which centers around things with wings. (You can see more projects made from these fabrics here.) The foolproof technique for making this quilt is super easy and great for beginners. In fact, I encourage you to enlist the help of your children and grandchildren as you begin to build the butterfly wings. As always, you'll find related notions and kits in both colorways for sale on my shopping page. I hope you enjoy this video tutorial! If you like it, please share and leave me a comment!