Quilt Inspiration

We can find inspiration for quilts in the most unexpected places. Like the entrance foyer to Mimi's Cafe Restaurant. I snapped this picture as we stood waiting for our table, and pondered the possibilities throughout our dinner.

Tile Floor as Quilt Inspiration

It's in the very preliminary stages...but I took the image to my Electric Quilt software and in just a few minutes I had this drawing. It needs a bit of work, granted, but I thought I'd share how our inspiration comes when we least expect it. Maybe it's just a beautiful color palate from a photo that you love, or an architectural structure that has great geometric lines.

Mimi's Quilt

Because Electric Quilt offers Bonnie's fabrics as a download, I was able to choose them for this color variation. (You can also import your own fabrics from the web or by scanning fabrics from your own stash!) Where do you find inspiration?

Thanks for visiting. Happy sewing and God bless. Maxie