Using Double Gauze Cotton in Quilting and Sewing

You may know that I've been occupied for the past two weeks with a new granddaughter, as well as helping care for my grandson, Bear! So, I thought it appropriate to show you some of the wonderful attributes of the dreamy fabric called Double Gauze Cotton and what cuddly soft receiving blankets and quilts it makes!  

Can't you just feel the softness of this quilt? It's made entirely with double gauze cotton: front, back and binding. Kudos go to Pam Hearn, friend/employee at my quilt shop for her sweet, original design!

What is double gauze cotton? Essentially, it is two layers of billowy cotton gauze, held together by a tiny inside stitch between the two layers, usually in a 1" grid. It's easy to cut and sew into just about any project you can dream of. Do you remember my Hemstitching 101 post? You'll see how I made the blanket pictured above using a hemstitch and a wing needle. Ollie thinks it's perfect.

Ollie Doe

You don't have to finish the edges with a fancy hemstitch...a simple straight stitched works over a double folded edge works nicely, too. Just purchase 1.25 yards of 44" Double Gauze and you'll be able to make a nice size square, like the ones pictured below.

Double Gauze Receiving Blankets
Double Gauze Receiving Blanket

Ollie likes this one, too!

Thanks for visiting! Happy sewing and God bless! Maxie