On Sharing Our Work (Quilts)

Why can it be so difficult to share our work? I've been thinking about this today, particularly after I shared a picture of a quilt on Instagram that I'd been working on. I have to admit that I have intimidations when it comes to sharing something from my own creative thoughts. Questions swirl through my mind, like, "What if I'm the only one that thinks this is a good idea?" Or, what if they say, "What on earth was she thinking?" What if they see my mistakes? (Angela Walters says to never point those out!)

Our work is a process, right? Each project should be better than the last, if only in small measurements. I once heard someone say that if we aren't a little embarrassed by where we were a year ago, shame on us. I think that can be true for a lot of areas of our lives. Everything is a journey, and quilting is no exception. Enjoy the ride, as they say.

I also thought about how much I love seeing other quilter's work, whether I'm pouring over magazines or looking online, or walking through a quilt show. I bet you do, too. We celebrate each one, our particular style or not. The beauty is in the heart that made it. Gulp...so here's my quilt:

Pinwheel Galaxy Quilt

While working on this quilt gave me ample time to critique every stitch, I was also reminded of something my Mother used to say after working for so long on a project, "I do believe I've looked the pretty off it!"

So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned quilter, go out there and share your work! Take it to 'Show and Tell' at your quilt guild, or take it to your local quilt/sewing shop, or share it with your sewing friends. Post it on my facebook page (I'll celebrate it with you!) Don't point out your mistakes. And remember, "Finished is better than perfect"!

Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie