Favorite Scissors

Working with scissors that just won't cut the mustard can put a little stress in the sewing room and on the joints in our hands. About a year ago, I was perusing Quilt Market and came across the Kai Scissors booth. There were no sparkles or dazzling displays...only simple tables filled with perfectly aligned scissors. I stopped and focused on the different sizes and shapes of scissors. But the love happened when I picked up a pair of Tailoring Shears and the gentleman handed me a piece of fabric to cut. First of all, the feel and comfort was so different than any other scissor I had ever held. I could sense the quality just by opening and closing them, but I was totally amazed at how they cut! I couldn't even feel the fabric between the blades. So...I placed my order for a few pair, just to try.


When I returned home and my order arrived, I was eager to use them in my sewing room. I will admit that I am a bit of a scissor junkie. I set out to test them as I made a heavy tote bag. I always use an interlining of heavy cotton canvas and batting between the facing and lining fabrics. Admittedly, this is sometimes hard to trim, especially in seams. These scissors cut right through all of it like butter! There was no strain on my hand and no stalling by the scissors. I was completely in love! So I placed a larger order for the store...gave all my employees & sewing family members a pair for Christmas, and removed my rotary cutters from our shop's cutting tables and replaced them with Kai scissors! (Boy, do I save money on rotary blades!).

So, let me introduce to you Kai scissors...the best in the world! Made in Japan from fine stainless steel for extra long life and high cutting efficiency. The duplex interlock screw makes the blade tension last; I've used mine heavily for over a year and they still cut just as fine as when they were brand new. Detailed below, but you can find more information about each pair on my shopping page.


A: Model 7230 9" Tailoring Shears. Great for trimming quilts and layers of fabric. I use these for general sewing use as well. My 'go to' scissors.

B: Model 7205 8" Tailoring Shears. A shorter version, every bit as wonderful as 'A'.

C: N5100C: A small 4" scissor with curved blades for trimming close to the fabric. Great for machine or hand embroidery. The blades are serrated, for trimming fabric close to applique´stitches.

D: N5100: A small 4" scissor just like 'C', but with a straight blade. These are great for the sewing box and trimming threads when hand sewing.

E: N5130DC: Double Curved scissors. The handles are curved, and the blades are curved for easy cutting of hooped fabrics. The tips are blunt so that you won't accidentally cut the fabric. Wonderful for all types of embroidery or quilting.

F: N5000: 5 1/2" scissor for general embroidery. Ergonomically soft handles make cutting easy on the hands.

Thanks for visiting today! Happy sewing and God bless!