Welcome to my little space!

Hello! Welcome to my little space! I hope you'll always feel at home while visiting with me. This is a new adventure for me, though the bones of it are deeply rooted in my life. This is a blog about being creative. We all have a primary element of creativity, God given by the Creator himself, in His image. For me, that means a lot of quilting and sewing, and a bit of other aspects of creativity as well...crafting, cooking, decorating, etc. I've been a sewist for most of my life, before marriage, throughout my children's lives, and now my grandchild. I became a quilter about 15 years ago and opened a quilt shop in 2005 in our little Appalachian town in North Carolina. So, come along with me for this ride and let's see where we go! I've taught sewing and quilting for years, not only in my shop, but at our local community college. I'm happiest when I'm sharing and observing as my students enjoy learning and building their skills. I hope to nurture creativity in you, any kind of creativity, but expect a lot of quilting and sewing! I welcome your questions and suggestions for posts, too!

I'll share video tutorials (several are coming soon!), unique patterns and sewing tutorials, tips and techniques! I'm especially excited about the videos I'll be sharing! So, today, I'd like to begin by sharing my sewing studio with you and how it came to be!

First of all, let me share with you (like any proud mama would) that one of my two daughters is a fabric designer! She is Bonnie Christine, and she designs for Art Gallery Fabrics. She's one of the driving forces behind me and much of my inspiration! She and I came together to design my studio, using one of her floral designs for the paintings.


This is me, painting the flowers on my slat board wall. Bonnie worked with her design on the computer to make it fit the corner of my board. Then she projected it onto the wall with a projector! It was almost like painting by numbers. I have to say that her computer image looked much better than my painting, but, in the end I had a rose!

Bonnie's painting is below. Her's looked much better than mine, but, in the end we had two roses!

Finished Room1.jpg

And here is the finished room! Add Koala Cabinets, Baby Lock sewing machines, a few supplies and our studio was ready for filming (and sewing, he he he!). Look for upcoming videos from this very spot. Please stop by again soon!