Alphabet Lovelies Quilt Kit!

I've been sitting on this pattern and kit for a while now, and today's the day to share it with you!  The fabrics are designed by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics, and she had a quilt very similar to this one in her booth at quilt market when these fabrics, Joie de Vivre, were released. She had not created a pattern, however, and gave me her blessings to do so! This is my version, using her Joyeux Alphabet panel (included in kit), and other fabrics from her line, with a couple of Katarina Rocella's tossed in as well! Fabrics are Art Gallery's 100% Pima Cotton, and the kit includes all fabrics for the top and binding. Backing is not included, but note in a photo below that I used Bari J's knit as a backing! This quilt is so soft, and at 45" x 63" it's perfect on my chair. At this time I only have two kits, but if I have enough requests I will restock to make more. If you find it's sold out just message me and I'll start a list to see if I have enough requests!

Alphabet Lovelies.jpg
Quilt in Bin.jpg

Want a matching bin for your quilt? This month's Maxie Mail Subscription Sewing Box was all about bins! Subscribers received fabrics and supplies to make a set of two matching bins from Dana Willard's pattern, "Hold it Bin", and access to video tutorials by both Maxie and Dana! Have you subscribed yet? For more information, click here!

All fabrics are 100% Pima Cotton from  Art Gallery Fabrics , designed by Bari J and Katarina Roccella.

All fabrics are 100% Pima Cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics, designed by Bari J and Katarina Roccella.

For a soft and snugly quilt, try using  knit  as a backing! Art Gallery's excellent knit is about 56" wide, so smaller quilts don't require piecing. At this time I don't offer knit on my shopping page...just check your local quilt shop.

For a soft and snugly quilt, try using knit as a backing! Art Gallery's excellent knit is about 56" wide, so smaller quilts don't require piecing. At this time I don't offer knit on my shopping page...just check your local quilt shop.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy sewing and God bless!


Cricut + Simplicity Patterns = Clever Companions!

I've posted before to acclaim the Cricut Maker's ability to help me sew, and maybe you even downloaded my slipper .svg file and made a pair or two for yourself! Cricut's exclusive new Rotary Blade is what makes this precision cutting possible, cutting fabric with no backing or stabilizer. Did you know that Simplicity Patterns has chummed up with Cricut to make sewing patterns available in .svg format for your Cricut Maker Machine? When I decided to give that duo a try I came across this sweet doggie dress that I knew would be perfect for my Pinkie!

Cricut Maker Machine

Click photo, above, for more information about the Cricut Maker Machine.

Making her dress with Art Gallery Fabric's "Wonderful Things", designed by my daughter, Bonnie Christine, would make it even more perfect! Look how accurately the rotary blade cuts! And...the marking pen precisely marked each piece for ribbon, pocket and velcro placement. Click on the photo for a close-up view.

One of the best things about Cricut Maker and Cricut's Design Space, is how user friendly they are. They work together so easily and all the guesswork is taken out because you just choose your design, click "Make It", and follow the prompts! It's that easy, and Cricut has an abundant supply of videos and tutorials to help with most any situation that could arise.

  • Bottom Left: Sewing the leash ribbon in place.
  • Bottom Center: Sewing the gathered ruffle in place.
  • Bottom Right: Stitch around treat pocket on fold line. Clip to line in corners. Tip: Glue seam allowance in place and press well. Sew to the front of the dress as shown in the top photo.
  • Top Photo: Finished and ready for velcro. Click to enlarge.

What do you think?

Sewing with Cricut Maker has many benefits; to name a few:

  1. Cutting and marking accuracy.
  2. No hand fatigue from scissors or rotary cutter.
  3. Youngsters can sew small projects without having to use sharp cutting tools.
  4. Much easier for handicapped or arthritic hands.
  5. It's fun!

Can you tell how much I love my Cricut Maker? Thanks for visiting today! Happy Sewing and God bless!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Maxie Mail Subscription Sewing Box

My idea for the Maxie Mail Subscription Sewing Box became a reality 8 months ago. I can hardly believe how fast time passes, and I feel I've made so many new friends all across this country and even into Canada. Thank you to each and every one that subscribed and made this reality even possible! Early into the subscription I sent out a survey to all subscribers, asking questions ranging from styles of sewing to box content ideas. One of the most popular ideas was the "Cool Tools" or notions box and I jumped at that because, as a quilt shop owner for over 13 years, I know what tools are most valuable and useful and I know which tools are a waste of time and money. it comes, with over $80 worth of super products! I think you'll love May's box and the accompanying video that will explain each item inside. It's not too late to sign up...just click here! The cut off date is May 22, but waiting too much longer might delay your shipment by a few days due to stock levels on hand. (Boxes normally ship on the 25th of the month.)

Maxie Mail Subscription Sewing Box