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January 2018 - Fun With Labels!

Note: This month's box contains a CD, which requires a CD drive to use.  For those of you that do not have a CD drive, I have provided the links below so that you can download the files directly to your computer. This link is only for subscribers that now own the Quilt Label Collective that was included in this month's Maxie Mail box. You may not share or distribute these files, they are only for your personal use. These links will expire February 20, so be sure to download before that date.

  • For the Quilt Label Collective index directory in .pdf form, click here.
  • For the Quilt Label Collective, BoerensT_001 - Grahamk_020 .jpg designs, click here.
  • For the Quilt Label Collective, Grahamk_A - GrahamK_Z .jpg designs, click here. 
  • For the Quilt Label Collective, GreeneE_001 - HaggardB_020 .jpg designs, click here.
  • For Quilt Label Collective LamsJ_001 - SheiferR_005 .jpg designs, click here.

“Don’t let your quilt story fade away"...a quote from quiltalliance.org.

Ready for fun? This month I’m sending something your way that I believe will stay with you for your entire quilting and sewing journey!  We’re talking about labeling our work, whether quilts, bags or many other types of sewing. In the TWO videos below, I show you not only how to use the Quilt Label Collective CD that’s included in your box, but how to make your labels beautiful and meaningful. This CD has 150 quilt labels for you to personalize and use on any project you desire! I've also included a special “QR Code” label, made especially for my subscribers, that connects your label to a video message from you! Can you imagine how meaningful it would be for your recipient to be able to scan the QR code on your quilt label and instantly view your video message any time they wish? What could your video feature? Your video could simply share information about the quilt (your name, the date, fabric information, etc.), but I think that a video quilt label should share the essence of why we make quilts. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A wedding message to the Bride and Groom
  • A loving message from Grandparents to a Grandchild
  • A message from Mom to a college-bound child
  • A group of family or friends singing "Happy Birthday" to the quilt recipient
  • A get-well thought
  • Your special memories for a Sympathy Quilt Recipient

"Document, Preserve, Share". Another quote from the Quilt Alliance Website. Michael Newman is the founder of Story Patches, the company that made our special QR Code quilt label. Also a member of the Quilt Alliance Board of Directors, Michael's mission is to help us document our quilts and projects in meaningful ways. For more information about how to use your QR Code label with your smart phone or iPad, be sure to watch the video below, and click here for easy instructions.

Watch Fun with Labels - Password: labelsforlife

Not sure how to use that great CD in your box? No problem, just watch the short video below and watch as I load designs from the CD into my word processor and add text, resize and print! No password needed, just click and enjoy!

Note: the stkr.it website, which is a sister website to storypatches.com, sells QR codes that you can download and print! They are only $.99 for twelve (12) codes, so why not purchase them and print them on labels from your Quilt Label Collective CD! Simply add them as an image to the label in your word processor!

Click here for a .pdf file of tips for using your QR Code label.

Want to order more supplies? You'll find Electric Quilt Printable fabric, the QR Code label and additional January boxes on my shopping page. Don't you think the January box would make a great gift for another quilting friend? I have a limited supply on my website, and they are offered to subscribers only, at the regular subscription price.


Thank you for subscribing! Have fun with labels! Happy sewing and God bless, Maxie



December 2017 - Dabbling Swan Quilt and Pillow

This month's box includes a beautiful little quilt made from Art Gallery fabrics, designed by Bonnie Christine. This line, "Hello, Ollie" is 100% organic cotton with a most luxurious feel! I've enclosed everything needed for the top and binding, plus a few other necessary notions and goodies. You've no time to make a quilt and bind it? No problem! You can choose to make this quilt in one of two ways: 1: traditionally pieced and quilted, and finished with binding on the edges, or 2: traditionally pieced, turned and tied with no binding! The video features the tied version, which I made in just one evening! Please watch the video before deciding which version you'll make...I think you will fall in love with tied quilts if you give it a try! Need help with binding? This month features a bonus video tutorial, "Binding the Quilt", included below the Dabbling Swan Quilt Video. This video is not password protected and will always be accessible with future boxes featuring quilting projects.

Bonnie Christine also designed a beautiful cotton Tea Towel that coordinates with her fabrics, and I've tucked it inside the box, too! Whip it into a matching pillow in a matter of minutes to compliment your quilt!

Password for the Dabbling Swan Quilt: HelloSwan

Dabbling Swan Pillow

You'll find the pattern for the Tea Towel Pillow here! I hope you enjoy your December project! Please remember to post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of your finished quilt. Happy Sewing and God bless! Maxie


November 2017 - Buck Forest Pillow

You'll find your bonus content for November below, which includes a video tutorial, a printable file of various quilting designs for your pillow and a printable file of your pattern. This month you'll learn fusible free-motion appliqué, free motion quilting (with your new gloves!) and how to construct an envelope pillow. Let's sew together!

Here are the items and value included in your box:

  • Pattern                                      $6.00
  • Buck Forest Appliqué            $10.00
  • Pillow Back                                 6.50
  • Pillow front                                 4.00
  • Thread                                        2.10
  • Batting                                          .75
  • Thera-Gloves                           32.99

Total Value                                         $62.34!

I hope you enjoy making your Buck Forest Pillow as much as I did! Thank you for subscribing! Enjoy!

November Video Password: Buckaroo

Need quilting ideas for your pillow? Click here to download my ideas!

Want to download the pillow pattern to your computer? Click here to download the pattern.

Want more Buck Forest Appliqués? You'll find them here!

October 2017- Mug Rug

Here is your bonus content for October, which includes a video tutorial, recipes for your mug, quilting design suggestions for your mug rug, and the .pdf file for the pattern in case you misplace your hard copy! October's Maxie Mail box contains a fun project, some wonderful tools and some goodies for you to enjoy! Here's what's in your box:

  • A ceramic mug, designed especially for our box by Bonnie Christine.
  • Matching fabrics, also designed by Bonnie Christine, to make the Hexagon Mug Home.
  • Hexagon Mug Home pattern.
  • Duckbill Appliqué Scissors
  • Patch Stick fabric glue stick
  • Gutermann 100% cotton thread.
  • Goodies!

And, if you were an early subscriber, a gift package of my favorite flower head fine pins are included for you!

To view the video, enter this case sensitive password:


Want a couple of great recipes for your new mug? Click here to download a couple of my favorites!

Want some quilting ideas for your new mug rug? Click here to download 5 suggested designs!

Want to keep the Hexagon Mug Rug pattern on your computer? Click here to download the pattern!

Thank you, again, for subscribing to the Maxie Mail Subscription Sewing Box! Let's sew together!