Maxie Mail is Changing!



I have an exciting new vision for my Maxie Makes subscribers! I’ve been dreaming of completely re-imagining the way my membership works, and I’ve spent countless hours over the past half-year pouring my heart and soul into the process of making our experience into a community where I can fully support you along your quilting journey and where you can also support each other!

September will be the last month for shipments as normal! October will be filled with all the details of the new membership, and registration will open for five days on October 22. Sign up for my email list if you wish to be notified when registration is open! Don’t miss it, because when it’s closed, it’s closed so that we can begin quilting! Click below to learn more!

So…what will the new membership offer? In a completely re-designed website, subscribers will have access to the same video tutorial style that they have become accustomed to. There will be weekly posts inside the membership that will include quilt design patterns & detailed instructions to accompany those videos, printable technique sheets, charts…you’ll see me answering your questions live, and you’ll be able to connect with other quilters from all over the world! I can’t go into everything here because all the details will be revealed in the emails released in October prior to open registration…so be sure to sign up to receive those emails!

Many of us have quilts in our possession that were made by family members long ago. If you’re like me, those quilts evoke emotions and a feeling of connection to our loved ones.

I owned a quilt shop in my town for 12 years and put in so much time that I had little time to do any other work outside my business. For many of those years I struggled with the questions, “What am I doing that really matters and how am I helping people?” One day, I was helping a customer choose quilt colors and fabrics, as usual. Together, we chose fabrics for her new Great-Grandchild’s baby quilt. I suggested a pattern for her, figured the yardage needed and began to cut and carefully fold and stack her fabrics. As I was cutting, I noticed that she had her hand on the folded stack, gently smoothing her hand across the top. She quietly stood, looking with a far off gaze and I knew that she was thinking about the quilt and this great-grandchild and her gift that would be given to express her love. That moment made a profound impact on me and I never questioned the meaningfulness of my work again. The legacy she was creating for her family would remind them of her love for many, many years.

I have two questions for you: 1. Will your sewing create a lasting legacy? 2. Years from now, what will people say about the quilts you’ve left behind? What will your quilting legacy be?

What takes a person from longing to make a good quilt to one who’s sewing skillfully contributes to their legacy? I’ve seen it many times over, and it always starts at the very beginning. If you start right, you’ll finish right. And that’s the journey I’d love to take you on!

Watch for soon-coming emails with all the details you’ll need to know! I hope you’ll join us!

Blessings to your sewing room,