Handi Quilter Ruler of the Month Club

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Handi Quilter Ruler of the Month Club


Hello! Are you ready to learn some new quilting ideas and techniques? If so, I'm pleased to offer to you the Handi Quilter Ruler of the Month Club! In this six (6) month club you'll get exclusive ruler kits and tutorials delivered straight to yours truly each month! I'll then share the debut acrylic ruler with you in demos and project ideas to get you on your way.

  • You'll be introduced to the newest trends and styles with Handi Quilter's proven quality and innovation.
  • You'll be involved with my new Handi Quilter workshop, "Maxie's Handi Quilter Market", where you'll meet and learn alongside other quilters!
  • More than $30 total savings for the six rulers.
  • Video tutorial and education for each ruler.
  • You'll build your confidence and skills over a six month period.
  • Special club member gift (earned at the end of the six-month participation).

Each ruler will be priced at $22.00 (a $5.00 monthly savings). There is a $10 one-time registration fee at sign-up. Each month I will host an in-store event to walk you through the contents of your kit and give you a demonstration of the ruler in action.  Together we will watch Handi Quilter's video tutorial on my big projector screen, and (maybe the best part) you'll have the ruler well before it is released to the public!

  • Registration is now open and will be open through this Friday, July 21.
  • Our first Ruler of the Month Club event will be held on Friday, July 28 at 10:00AM.
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